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HOW TO: Spice up Your Site With Simple PHP

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Facts about Programming in PHP

Programming in PHP would be quite tedious without a decent SQL database connected to the web server. However, gathering SQL queries with unchecked variables is a hazardous thing to do.

When programming in PHP we follow a firm of architecture and design documents that apprize the programmer(s) how the system or application should be programmed. OOP programming will be executed from the beginning, utilizing base classes adhering to the reliable and tested software engineering conventions.

While integrating an proprietary framework to prevent the user interface separate from the softwares logic.

When it comes to programming in PHP, nothing will trip you up quicker than using the PHP open and close tags wrongly or keeping them out altogether. The full tag set is , without spaces between the symbols and the question marks.

However possibly most important, the new object model makes object oriented programming in PHP much more powerful and intuitive. No longer will you have to mess with mysterious & characters to get the job done.

With the many web programming languages available, it should amount to as no surprise that there is a driving discussion about which is the greatest. Naturally, there is no simple answer to that question, however scripting in php could be an excellent skillset if you decide on working with a database comparable to MySQL.

Working with such a dynamic language alike php programming could permit you to make amusing and professional php web applications even if you are employing free web hosting or affordable web hosting, as nearly every web host will include PHP hosting.

These php web applications can interface with the database to allow users to do virtually from entering their information to playing games, if your ability for programming in php is advanced enough.

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